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Oh oh oh…Mindful Christmas

Oh oh oh…Mindful Christmas

I don’t know if this is the case for you but I always found that December was a crazy month!

At work, everyone wants to close his files/projects before the end of the year, as if that would be the ultimate deadline.

You’re running after time to think about your Christmas presents...that then you have to buy! I guess this is why E-commerce exploded. Everyone prefers to make his Christmas shopping from his sofa.

You have to attend to all the Christmas party before Christmas: work, school, friends, associations, etc.

And before Christmas actually starts you are already exhausted and you don’t really pay attention about what’s happening here and now. The celebration is just going so fast and you don’t really feel like you enjoyed it.

This year I’m lucky to have avoided this crazy period, as I was traveling a big part of the month. And I thought about some tips that I would like to share in order to not miss your mindful Christmas:

  • Maybe enjoy your meals...I know it could be a lot of food and you have the feeling that you could roll at the end of each meal, but just take time to look at what’s is currently in your plates, taste it, enjoy it. Just be aware of any sensations that will come up in your mouth;

  • Have mindful conversations with your friends and family. Just be here and present and listen with attention...and even if your grandma is sharing the same story every know, she probably added a little detail that you missed last year!

  • Smell Christmas odors...the candles...the food...the snow...whatever is coming in your nostrils. From my part, I love Christmas teas and candles;

  • What about enjoying a walk with your friends or family to digest...and take time to see, feel your body, ear the sounds...Maybe do this walk as it would be the first time that you would walk in this place and discover with attention;

  • Be grateful: we tend to take everything for granted…What about every day of your holiday season you start the day by writing 3 things for those you are grateful. It could be also a good exercise to do with your kids at the breakfast or dinner time. You could be surprised by the thoughts of your kids whatever their age.

Photo by  gabrielle cole  on  Unsplash

From my side I know that I will be grateful to be able to share this moment with my family, to be able to walk, to be able to try to help my dad cooking, smile, laugh, and enjoy the amazing food that my dad would have cook for us with love and devotion...Gratefulness is an amazing tool, try it!

I wish you a great holiday season!

Photo by on Unsplash

Too bad you missed a mindful breakfast !

Too bad you missed a mindful breakfast !

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