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Curiosity vs fear

Curiosity vs fear

What are you the most fearful of?

Everyone is fearful of something…it's just human and natural. And the fear could activate your body in a way to protect yourself. We call that the sympathetic nerve system. When a threat to our inner or outer balance is perceived, the sympathetic nerve system activates our adrenals to produce hormones likes adrenaline and noradrenaline. And these hormones bring our body and mind into a state in which we can fight, flight or freeze. Our human bodies are just magic when you think about it.

But let’s stop a bit with anatomy course for a moment.

I remember months and months ago, I was discussing with someone from my family, sharing how I was fearful to fail. This fear was just based on my previous experiences, maybe a bit of my personality and my low level of self confidence on a particular subject at this moment.

And I shared, that I could be stopped to do something that I would really would like to try just because I was afraid falling.

She answered to me: “and what about replacing the word fear by curiosity?”

And, I can tell that it changed some of my perspective.

Do you remember when you were a kid and curious about everything? This is the stage of our lives that we should bring more in our day to day.

What about trying a new sport tomorrow when you did not practice any physical activity for a long time?

What about trying to climb a mountain when you are afraid of height?

What about dating again after a long break up?

What about wearing this cute skirt today and forget about people looking at you?

What about applying to this job where you are maybe under qualified but fully motivated on?

What about starting a new training in English when it’s not your native language?

Sometimes we just have to look at things with different glasses. Instead of thinking that you are afraid about something, just think that you are curious about it. And never stop exploring.

Photo by Bing Han on Unsplash

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