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Too bad you missed a mindful breakfast !

Too bad you missed a mindful breakfast !

True story, so it's even sadder...

I was on holidays abroad and I was waiting for my breakfast to be served when I saw the scene.

A young couple came for breakfast and sat at a table closed to me.

They first did not even noticed my smile to them when they arrived, fair enough they were probably not awake...

But then it got worse and worse. The man ordered to the waitress without even looking at him.

When their order arrived, both of them did not look at the waitress and did not say thank you or whatsoever. You could say that this is a problem of education, but I'm not so sure about that...

Then, they did not even take one second to look at their breakfast (and I can tell you that I was in a country where the food was extremely colorful and yummy). Instead of that, the man started to eat while he was reading his book, and the woman also ate her breakfast while she was checking her phone.

They did not talk to each other, they did not look at each other, they were simply not together.

At some point, the woman was looking for some attention and she tried to get a kiss. She received a quick kiss back but without any looking, smile or anything.

I found the scene sad...

So to both of you, if you read my post one day, I’m gonna describe the experience that you may have missed:

  • a mindful communication, you may have discussed with the waitress and maybe get a nice smile back, because you were in a country where the smile is part of the DNA; you maybe would have felt grateful and maybe in good mood just with this human exchange;

  • you may have missed eating your breakfast with your eyes first, as the cookers were putting so much love and energy to make the best presentation out of it, and you may have just been grateful that someone cooked for you this morning and that you just had to sit on your chair and enjoy it;

  • you may have missed the smell of the coffee or the tea coming to your nostrils and flowing through all your body;

  • you may have missed the flavor of your breakfast, the taste spread out in your mouth and the nice feeling that it gave to your body and mind;

  • you may have missed a mindful conversation with your love, where you would have been present and attentive to whatever the conversation was about;

  • you may have missed the butterfly in your stomach, tickles in your body, any nice feelings because your love was looking at you and kissing you.

To conclude, you did not may have missed a mindful breakfast, you may have missed an experience of your life. You may have missed the present moment.

Photo by Rachel Park on Unsplash

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